When Tragedy Strikes

I feel as though every morning when I wake up, shower, get dressed and make my morning cup of tea that as I hover my thumb over the ‘power’ switch on the television remote I am about to hear that the world is officially ending.

A terrorist attack in London. A government crisis in Qatar. A shooting in the Colorado. A stabbing in Melbourne. People around this beautiful planet we live in are going mad and are so angry with the world that they switch off their humanity (TVD reference, for any fans) and somehow find it in themselves to blow up teenage girls.

What confuses me most about these attacks is not why they’re happening nearly every week at the present moment or who these people support in terms of organizations or religion, but who they are as people on the inside. What lies have they been fed about the world? What encouragement do they have from their twisted leaders or even their own corrupt family? What happened to take them away from their everyday lives and force them on a path of death and destruction?

I know it’s easy for me to say. I live in a beautiful unit with my friend and co-worker, I’m a travel agent selling magical holidays on a daily basis and I have Netflix – what can I have to complain about? My world is sunshine, lollypops and rainbows and I only have to think about the horror when I turn on the daily news. There are people who are deep in the core of these terrible circumstances who can turn around and say “No. I won’t let the tragedy stop me from living. I’m going to keep attending my favorite musician’s concert and keep walking along the Thames on a Saturday afternoon.”  These people are the bravest of them all. And they exist in all of us. They are just drowning in fear. 

My mum is one of those people. “I’m never going to London,” she said after the attacks just a few days ago. As a travel agent this pains me greatly. I don’t want people to be afraid of seeing the wonders of this world just because they might be caught up in a terrorist attack. Because who knows? You might get hit by a bus tomorrow or choke in your sleep. Then how are you going to feel when you’ve deprived yourself of seeing the incredible city of London because you’re afraid to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The wrong time and place does not exist. We are on a path designed for us, and when something horrible happens … we need to accept our fate. Or destiny. Or whatever you believe.

I think the point of this little rant I coughed up on this cloudy Thursday morning is to encourage people who (like me) feel as if the world is coming to an end to not let it stop you from living. Take that trip to London, even if you’re flying with an airline who has had a bad rep lately and you’re passing over Saudi Arabia! Be thankful for all of the beauty in each day. I lost my purse at a club 2 weeks ago and it was delivered to yesterday in the mail because someone put it in a random post box! Good people still exist!

So live life to its fullest. You only get one.


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