“It is finished.”

That’s it. Another book done and dusted. Today I completed my 7th novel after several drafts and am sitting here wondering … okay, what next?

It’s funny now opening up my documents folder on my computer labelled ‘WRITING’ and seeing how much it’s grown since I started with a mystery story at age 13. I now have 7 completed novels, 3 half-finished drafts, 9 children’s books, 11 new prospective story outlines and dozens of silly short stories written in bright pink comic-sans with flowery borders in Microsoft Word 2003.

I’m sure there are lots of authors out there who look back on those first few years when they decided they wanted to be a professional writer who believed it was going to be easy. Maybe not easy, but there might be real progress over the course of a few years. I believed when I finished my first novel ‘Rouge’ that it would take probably two or three years before a publisher signed me. Hell, I even decided to take matters into my own hands and self-publish because I was impatient. That was four years ago. Since then I’ve definitely gained a lot of followers, my skills have certainly improved and I’ve got several more novels under my belt that I’m really proud of. But I need more. It’s flattering and frustrating at the same time having readers tell me that my novels are underrated and should be published and that they are good enough to be famous. Maybe I’m hearing it from people who don’t know any better. Maybe there are people out there far more talented than I am. Or maybe I’m supposed to do something else first. Maybe I don’t realize how much I enjoy living one life only to come home and dive head-first into another.

I’m encouraging all of you out there who are still working toward your dreams wondering ‘when will it happen to me?’ or ‘why hasn’t my work been discovered yet?’ – remember that when one door closes, another opens. Your time isn’t here just yet because your door hasn’t closed. You’re still supposed to do something right now, in your current job or situation. And once that door is closed and your dream door opens … you won’t be going back.




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