Hi. I’m Isabella. Instead of a cliche few paragraphs of my upbringing and how I discovered who I am and my purpose in life, I’m going to give you a list of 10 interesting facts about me. Enjoy.

  1. I’m an author. I know that these days a lot of people are calling themselves authors. However, a two-page short story you wrote in grade five doesn’t really qualify you for the title. Neither, I realized, does self-publishing your story on Amazon (because let’s face it, anyone can write a 300-page piece of shit and publish it online). I became an author the day I realized that I’m not interested in anything else as a career. People say do what you love, right? I love to write fiction. I’m just forced into other jobs in order to survive as a human.
  2. I travel. I’ve only visited 25 countries in the world BUT I’m 23, and if you think about it, I’ve only been free from prison – I mean school – for 5 years. That’s an average of 5 countries each year. I feel somewhat accomplished.
  3. I have naturally strawberry-blonde hair. I belong to the 1-2% of the population with the least common hair color.
  4. I’ve never seen Star Wars. I write science fiction, I attend comic book conventions and I fan-girl like a mother-f*cker over many, many TV shows, books and movies. But I will admit I have never seen so much as an episode of The Clone Wars.
  5. I was 8 weeks premature. I came out as a tiny, 4-pound, red-skinned alien. I’m now 5 foot 6 inches. Go figure.
  6. I once lost my camera, my phone and my favorite lipstick on a pub crawl in Edinburgh. Worst day of my life – all my photos from my 3-month Europe trip vanished.
  7. I can spend an entire day on Pinterest pretending I’m an interior designer. Seriously.
  8. When I was in Iceland, my friend and I spent an entire night in a hotel COMPLETELY alone. Not kidding, out of 200-something rooms, we were the only guests. It was an out-dated, very old building somewhere along the mountain pass to Mjóifjörður. The hotel cleaner let us into our room at around 9pm, waved goodbye and drove off in her car. My imagination went totally wild. The temptation to steal from the bar and kitchen was extremely high. My friend wouldn’t leave the room.
  9. Aside from when I was born, of course, I have never spent the night in a hospital.
  10. If I had a million dollars, I would buy a yacht off the coast of Italy and you wouldn’t see or hear from me for at least five months.